Monday, January 26, 2009

URDUJA (1974)

Urduja (1974)

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Amalia Fuentes as Urduja and Zaldy Zshornack as leader of the aeta tribe.

Vic Vargas (left) and Chiquito (right) as Limahong.

Chiquito, Amalia Fuentes and Zaldy Zshornack

Chiquito as Limahong being tied to a wooden wheel.

Alma Moreno (left) as one of the damas of Urduja (Amalia Fuentes).

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wayne moises said...

Released in 1974 epic film about the story of the legendary amazon princess warrior from Pangasinan about 13-14th century Philippines long before the Spaniards/Europeans inspired from a popular blockbuster films of all time starring Amalia Fuentes with Vic Vargas Chiquito Alma Moreno and Zaldy Zschornack originally retitled"Legend of Urduja".Thanks for the information . From:Wayne