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Best Picture - Biyaya Ng Lupa (LVN Pictures, Inc.)
Best Actress - Charito Solis (Kundiman Ng Lahi) (LVN Pictures, Inc.)
Best Actor - Van de Leon (Kamandag) (Sampaguita Pictures, Inc.)
Best Supporting Actress - Marlene Dauden (Kamandag) (Sampaguita Pictures, Inc.)
Best Supporting Actor - Eddie Garcia (Tanikalang Apoy) (Sampaguita Pictures, Inc.)
Best Director - Jose de Villa (Kamandag) (Sampaguita Pictures, Inc.)
Best Story - Celso Al. Carunungan (Biyaya Ng Lupa) (LVN Pictures, Inc.)
Best Screenplay - Ding M. de Jesus (Kamandag) (Sampaguita Pictures, Inc.)
Best Cinematography - Felipe Santiago (Kamandag) (Sampaguita Pictures, Inc.)
Best Editing - Jose Tarnate (Kamandag) (Sampaguita Pictures, Inc.)
Best Musical Score - Constancio de Guzman (Ikaw Ang Aking Buhay)
Best Sound - Joseph Straight (Kamandag) (Sampaguita Pictures, Inc.)

Special Awardee:
International Prestige Award of Merit - El Legado

1959 FAMAS Best Picture Award to LVN Pictures ("Biyaya Ng Lupa")

Movie Still from "Biyaya Ng Lupa" with Leroy Salvador, Rosa Rosal and Carlos Padilla, Jr.

Synopsis of "Biyaya Ng Lupa"

*Thanks to Simon Santos of for the above photo.

1959 FAMAS Best Actress Award to Charito Solis ("Kundiman Ng Lahi")

1959 FAMAS Best Actor Award to Van de Leon ("Kamandag")
1959 FAMAS Best Supporting Actress Award to Marlene Dauden ("Kamandag")
1959 FAMAS Best Director Award to Jose de Villa

Movie Still from "Kamandag' with Van de Leon and Paraluman.

1959 FAMAS Best Supporting Actor Award to Eddie Garcia ("Tanikalang Apoy")

(Movie Ads courtesy of Simon Santos, Video 48)
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