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Producer of the Year - Narcisa Buencamino vda. de Leon (LVN Pictures)
Best Picture - Kamay Ni Satanas (Premiere Productions)
Best Actress - Nena Cardenas (Doble Cara)
(Premiere Productions)
Best Actor - Reynaldo Dante (Kamay Ni Satanas) (Premiere Productions)
Best Supporting Actress - Alicia Vergel (Mapuputing Kamay) (Sampaguita Pictures, Inc.)
Best Supporting Actor - Tony Santos (Hantik)
(LVN Pictures)
Best Director - Gerardo de Leon (Kamay Ni Satanas) (Premiere Productions)
Best Musical Score - Julio Esteban Anguita (The Spell) (Lebran Productions)
Best Cinematographer - Higino Fallorina (Baguio Cadets)
(Sampaguita Pictures, Inc.)
Best Sound Recording - Charles Gray
Best Child Star - Mila Nimfa (Nanay Ko) (Royal Productions)

The Judges:

Narciso Pimentel, Jr. - Chairman
Sarah K. Joaquin - Member
Alejandro R. Roces - Member
Wilfredo Guerrero - Member
Prof. Ramon Tapales - Member

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1950 Maria Clara Best Picture Award to Premiere Productions ("Kamay Ni Satanas")
1950 Maria Clara Best Actor Award to Reynaldo Dante ("Kamay Ni Satanas")
1950 Maria Clara Best Director Award to Gerardo de Leon ("Kamay Ni Satanas")

1950 Maria Clara Best Actress Award to Nena Cardenas ("Doble Cara")

1950 Maria Clara Best Supporting Actor Award to Tony Santos ("Hantik")

* * * * *

(Source: "History of RP Movies"
by Joe Quirino
published in The Times Journal, June 26, 1974)

Excerpts from "Awards, Deserved and Otherwise"
by Joe Quirino

Maria Clara Awards

In 1950, the defunct Manila Times Publishing Co. established the Maria Clara Awards, an institution patterned after the annual Oscar Awards of the American Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) of Hollywood. The primary purpose of the Maria Clara Awards was to encourage the production of quality movies in the Philippines and to spur local movie personalities to greater achievements.

In the very first Maria Clara Awards, several producers, pictures, directors, actors, actresses and technicians vied with each other to win the bronze Maria Clara statuette by Guillermo E. Tolentino, the country's top sculptor.

A board of judges, composed of well-known writers, film critics, playwrights and musical composers chose winners that year.

First Winners

The winners of the first Maria Clara Awards were: Narcisa Buencamino Vda. de Leon, producer of the year; Premiere's KAMAY NI SATANAS, best picture; Nena Cardenas, best actress for her performance in DOBLE CARA, a Premiere's film; Reynaldo Dante, best actor for his performance in KAMAY NI SATANAS;

Tony Santos, best supporting actor, for LVN's HANTIK; Alicia Vergel, best supporting actress for Sampaguita's MAPUPUTING KAMAY; Premiere's Gerardo de Leon, best director for KAMAY NI SATANAS; Lebran's Julio Esteban Anguita, best musical director, for THE SPELL;

Sampaguita's Higino Fallorina, best cinematographer, for BAGUIO CADETS; Lebran's Charles Gray, best sound recording; and Royal Production's Mila Nimfa, best child star, for NANAY KO.

In 1951, the judges in the Maria Clara Awards were Narciso Pimentel, Jr., chairman; Sarah K. Joaquin, Alejandro R. Roces, Wilfredo Guerrero, and Prof. Ramon Tapales, members.

* * * * * *

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