Monday, June 8, 2009


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El Filibusterismo (1962)

(Arriva-Bayanihan Films, starring Pancho Magalona, Charito Solis, Teody Belarmino, Edita Vital, Ben Perez, Carlos Padilla, Jr., Lourdes Medel, Robert Arevalo, Oscar Keesee, directed by Gerardo de Leon)

(Movie Ad courtesy of Simon Santos, Video 48)

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TheCoolCanadian said...


This is one of my favorite Filipino films. Well-written, beautiful cinematography, and the acting and direction are both excellent.

Years later, when I had the chance to talk to Mr. De Leon, I asked him if I could go to the lab and watch a film editor edit his latest film. He introduced me then to Armando Lopez who was editing a movie directed by Mr. de Leon. I sat there beside Mr. Lopez, enjoying the session, until the man started swearing: "Putang ina! Itong si Manong Gerry, napakagaling na director, pero hindi naglalagay ng extra footage para may leeway sa pag-edit!"

This made me laugh. Did you know that Gerry de Leon directed his scenes UP TO THE LAST SCENE? All his movies were done this way: PRE-EDITED, and the last frame is necessary that you can't delete that as an editor. Gerry was actually editing his films in his head. There wasn't much left for the editor to do, but to SWEAR, because he had to use up everything, and since the old way of editing was the A&B low-tech, it was rather hellish for the editor to assemble.

Years later after that, I chanced upon Mr. Lopez here in Vancouver and we had a good time reminisceing the day I sat beside him at the Premier Productions' editing room, a studio I was rather quite familiar with, because my first cousin Butch Sta. Maria was Larry Santiago's godson, and we went there frequently.

At the dinner table, in Vancouver, Mr. Lopez the editor, swore once again recalling the footages of Gerry de Leon and we both had a good laugh.

James DR said...

Thanks,JM for sharing your memories with the great Gerry de Leon!

I can't remember having watched this film during the Tribute to Gerry de Leon in the late 70s or 80s(?) at the CCP. Ang natatandaan kong napanood ko yung "ANG BAGONG MAESTRA" (dun ko lang napanood si Erlinda Cortes, a great actress!) and "APOLLO ROBLES" with the young Fernando Poe, Jr. Dun nagsimula ang paghanga at pagka-interes ko kay Gerry de Leon.

Anonymous said...

Sir, thank you for posting this entry. I wonder if this motion picture along with Noli Me Tangere can be re-released to the general public.

Anonymous said...

I really want to watch this film. Where can I watch it (knowing the fact that it's really old)? Please tell me. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

does any one know where i can buy this movie? i really nead it asap! pls help me! thanks. e mail me back