Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I was searching the You Tube when I chanced upon this interesting Filipino Group singers who made a name and hits songs in the USA in the 1960s. I've learned that they are the Maligmat family and the boy's name (on lead vocals) is Eddie while the little boy (humming la-la-la-la-la!) is Albert.
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Very rare performance by the talented Rocky Fellers (from the Philippines) on The Dinah Shore Chevy Show in 1960. This rare video clip was uploaded on You Tube by Mike 1964. (thanks to Mike 1964 for sharing!).

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Another rare video clip of The Rocky Fellers' performance on Jack Benny Show, November 27, 1962, uploaded on You Tube by marshalrd. (Thanks marshalrd for sharing!).

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"Killer Joe", hit song of the 60s by The Rocky Fellers, uploaded on You Tube by jameycruz (thanks jameycruz for sharing!)

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"Better Let Her Go", another hit song of the 60s by The Rocky Fellers, uploaded on You Tube by Mangomn2003 (thanks Mangomn2003 for sharing!)

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Video 48 said...

James, this is the first time I heard and see them sing. Thumbs up!!! Looks like Jackson Five. Did they ever perform in the Philippines?

James DR said...

Simon, same here. Ngayon ko lang din narinig at nakita sila. Tinatanong ko nga yung mga kapatid ko kung kilala nila eh. Narinig na rin daw nila ito nuon, pero di nila alam kung nag-perform din sila dito sa atin.