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Krus Na Kawayan (1956)

(MC Pictures, starring Manuel Conde, Aida Carino, Ding Tello, Myrna Mirasol, Bruno Punzalan, Ben Castillo, Africa de la Rosa, Totoy Torrente, Raul Salvacion, Julian Yulo, Solano Gaudite, Manuel Urbano, Jr., Ricardo Remias, Henry Urbano, Max Rodriguez, Betty Zamora, directed by Manuel Conde)

After the Vietnamese war of liberation against the French, Vinh (Manuel Conde) comes home to find his village dominated by communists who execute his parents and incarcerate him. He also discovered that his sweetheart, Lan (Aida Carino), has joined the tyrants. Vinh rejects Lan and eventually escapes from Vietnam.

Krus Na Kawayan was shot in two versions, a Vietnamese and a Tagalog version, and with each version's main characters played by its own set of native actors. Two battalions of Vietnamese soldiers were engaged to act as extras for the film.

The Vietnamese version "Chuong Toi Muon" was a blockbuster in Vietnam, while the dubbed English version "Let Us Live" was viewed at international arts theaters up to the mid-80s.
-Internet Movie Data Base

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TheCoolCanadian said...


I've seen the Manuel Conde version in the early 80s at the Southeast Asian film fest. I can't be sure now, but I think this is the film where the leading actress left showbiz later and became a nun?

Did Aida Cariño become a nun?

It could be another Asian actress, but the name Aida Cariño rings a bell to me.

James DR said...


I'm not sure if its Aida Carino. I forgot the name of the actress but I'm very sure there is a Filipino actress who became a nun after leaving showbiz. (Hindi ba si Marifi?, the child actress who portrayed the young Maruja?, not sure...).

Phuong Malkin said...

How can I purchase a copy of this movie ?