Saturday, February 19, 2011


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(Movie Ad courtesy of Simon Santos, Video 48)

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Anonymous said...

hi where cud i download this movie or get a copy, my e-mail is t.y.

wayne moises said...

Classic historical drama set in 1902 the remnants of the First Philippine Republic a group of freedom fighters against American soldiers in Balangiga Samar starring Ramon Revilla Pilar Pilapil Celia Rodriguez and Orestes Ojeda released in 1975 a classic Filipino film. Thanks!

wayne moises said...

Originally for international release as Burn Samar Burn/Battle of Balangiga.Thanks! From:Wayne

wayne moises said...

I want to request the film classic of Ramon Revilla Pilar Pilapil & Celia Rodriguez in Sunugin ang Samar 1975 epic historical film inspired from a true story soon on Youtube Dailymotion & DVD/Bluray discs or order online at EBay & Thanks!

Helene Richards said...

Hi. Can someone help me locate a copy of the movie Sunugin ang Samar from 1974, directed by Joey Gosiengfiao? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.