Saturday, August 11, 2012


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Article written by Vivienne Rafael
Movie Flash Magazine, November 25, 1982

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TheCoolCanadian said...


The most fun RP film directors I have worked with was Joey Gosiengfiao. He was one guy who never got mad, never threw tantrums, and a fantastically patient guy. When we were making Bedspacers, I spent many days and nights in his apartment in Kamias, QC. We brainstormed as to what kind of film we were going to make. Sometimes, I would have breakfast, lunch, and dinner - an all day affair just to make sure we cover everything. Despite the unfair "king of Camp" labeled on him by some people in the Philippines, Gosiengfiao was actually a witty person whose knowledge of History was tremendous. He could be very undisciplined, however, that sometimes he ignored structure and let his film roam into an off-tangent direction, quite reminiscent of Robert Altman's work. Even then, he still managed to make his film very entertaining and witty.

In Bedspacers, however, I was able to convince him to keep it well-structured with a "hook", a Beginning (with first major plot point) Middle (and second major plot point) and end.

This is the reason why, if you watch any Gosiengfiao film, only Bedspacers have all these elements that keep the film well told, and within the structure that didn't latch onto self-absorbed fashion like in the case of Temptation Island.

Many people may not know how funny Joey could be. He could suddenly blurt out with a funny statement or a joke from out of the blue, and it could keep you in stitches, just like what you always find in all his films.

In the 1970s, Joey was sporting long hair yet it looked so smooth and flowing like that of a girl shampoo commercial model's. I asked him one day how he kept his hair that smooth and cascading so beautifully, and he answered: "150 strokes! Come, I'll show you how!"
So we went to his bedroom. I sat beside him on his dresser and he told me to count as he brushed his hair. When the count reached 150, he stopped brushing. And his hair looked once again like a shampoo girl commercial model. LOL. This was just one example of how little things would happen in-between our discussions on how we will make the movie. He was one heck of an unforgettable character, indeed.

I hope he's happy in heaven now, for a gentle character like him deserved to be. :)


James DR said...

JM, thanks for sharing. I saw many of his films from Sineng Pilipino days to Regal films. I am a fan of Joey Gosiengfiao films.