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SHAKE-A-BOOM! (Perez Brothers Productions, 1967)

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(Naghalo Ang Balat Sa Tinalupan)

Release Date:  1967
Production:  Perez Bros. Productions
Stars:  Dolphy, Panchito, Vilma Valera
Mercy Molina, Ike Lozada, Susan Salcedo, Janine Frias
Jose Villafranca, Dely Villanueva, Maurice Sta. Lucia, Ric Arellano
Direction:  Tony Cayado


SHAKE-A-BOOM! (Naghalo Ang Balat Sa Tinalupan), Perez Bros. initial offering, should shake the present political campaign.  The musical-comedy stars Dolphy, Panchito and Vilma Valera, with Tony Cayado as director.
One particular sequence of the movie filmed in Marikina shows Dolphy and Vilma (reel sweethearts) together with Panchito and Dely Villanueva (portraying their father and mother respectively) attending the birthday celebration of the town's most influential political leader.  Both Panchito and Dely are rival mayoral aspirants.
This occasion leads to several musical presentations, one in which Dolphy and Vilma introduce the Shake-A-Boom!
Other headliners are Jose Villafranca, Dely Villanueva, Maurice Sta. Lucia and Ric Arellano.
In special participations are Merci Molina, Ike Lozada, Norma Balagtas, Susan Salcedo, Janine Frias, Becky Ressureccion, The Rolling Beats, The Thunderbirds, The Pink Petals, The Robins, Modern Top 3 and Norma Ledesma.  The Tilt-Down Men are featured.  D'Amarillo handles the musical scoring.  The Rolling Beats the choreography.
Bert R. Mendoza wrote the story and screenplay.
- Weekly Nation Magazine, 1967 

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