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July 27, 1981

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Alfie Anido (December 31, 1959December 30, 1981) was a popular Filipino matinee idol
best remembered for his tragic death at the age of 22. He was the eldest of four children of Alberto Anido and Sara Serrano, and was the brother of Albert Anido, another Filipino actor.

Born Alfonso Serrano Anido, he was also a fashion and commercial model before he became a contract star for Regal Films, a leading Filipino film production company. He was dubbed as one of the Regal Babies, along with other than-young actors such as Gabby Concepcion, William Martinez, Albert Martinez, Jimi Melendez, Maricel Soriano, Snooky Serna and Dina Bonnevie. He was famously linked with Bonnevie, his co-star in the 1980 camp classic Temptation Island. At the time of his entry into show business, he was in college at the Ateneo de Manila University taking up Management.

To date, an air of mystery still surrounds the circumstances behind Anido's death. The official version, contemporaneously reported in the mainstream Manila media, was that Anido had shot himself in a suicide. This version has not been officially or authoritatively contradicted to this day. However, immediately after his death, rumors quickly spread that Anido was actually murdered, and that such fact was covered up owing to the prominence of the personalities allegedly involved. The rumor gained traction in Manila, which was then under the throes of the authoritarian rule of Ferdinand Marcos, whose government controlled the mass media during that period. Other versions on the death of Anido were printed in the alternative press such as the Philippine Collegian, the official student organ of the University of the Philippines, a hotbed of anti-Marcos activism. While the rumor that Alfie Anido was murdered still persists, with the aura of an urban legend, the fact remains that no evidence has been put forth to rebut the official version of a suicide.


  • 1980: Nympha - introducing role (movie released March 7, 1980)
  • 1980: Uhaw sa Kalayaan (movie released June 6, 1980)
  • 1980: Temptation Island - Alfredo (movie released July 4, 1980)
  • 1980: Katorse - Albert (movie released July 25, 1980)
  • 1980: Waikiki: Sa lupa ng ating mga pangarap (movie released November 14, 1980)
  • 1981: Bilibid Boys (movie released January 16, 1981)
  • 1981: Blue Jeans (movie released February 20, 1981)
  • 1981: Bilibid Gays - guest role (movie released July 31, 1981)
  • 1981: Kasalanan Ba? - Benjie (movie released October 2, 1981)
  • 1981: Throw Away Child - Atty. Delfin Llamzon (movie posthumously released January 8, 1982)
  • 1981: Dormitoryo - (the only non-Regal movie that starred Alfie Anido; movie posthumously released January 15, 1982)
  • 1981: Diosa (movie posthumously released August 13, 1982)
  • 1981: The Diary of Cristina Gaston (movie posthumously released September 24, 1982)

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TheCoolCanadian said...

James DR:

When I worked with Joey Gosiengfiao in the film Bedspacers, I met Alfie during numerous meetings we had at Mother Lily's residence. What stood out about him was his politeness and his intelligence. Napakatalino ng taong ito kaya naman nag-e-eenjoy akong makipag-usap sa kanya, tulad din ni William Martinez.

Ang naging madalas naming pag-usapan noon ni Alfie ay ang alienation ng mga taong animo'y mga bilanggo sa loob ng "kulungan" ng showbiz. We had the same observation about things and we became instant friends. Kung minsan, may party sa Regal, habang nagkakaingay ang lahat (siyempre, sa pangunguna ng pala-kuwentong si Amalia Fuentes na hindi yata napapagod sa pagsasalita), kami naman ni Alfie ay nakaupo lamang sa isang sulok at nag-uusap tungkol sa buhay ng tao sa mundo.

He had always this sadness in his eyes. In one of our conversations, he told me his longing to live a different kind of life. He said that he missed Stanton, California (where he stayed as an AFS scholar in his high school years). He told me many personal things that I'm sure he had never told anyone, but unfortunately, I had no clue then that it might had been a sign of something).

I told him that if this is what his heart's desire, he should do it. Leave Showbiz and move to Stanton. I have been to Stanton before and it is a typical small place in Cali, but it would have been a place quite far away from the maddening world of Philippine showbiz.

We were supposed to have a reunion in California, but that didn't happen. Not very long after I left the Philippines, I heard about his death. Knowing his "sadness" inside, I knew then that it must have been very possible that he actually did it, unlike the rumors we heard later on.

Alfie was a beautiful person. He was polite, intelligent, and one of the sincerest guys I've known in my life.

Yes, I lost a wonderful friend in my youth, named Alfie Anido.

James DR said...

The CoolCanadian:

Thanks for sharing your experiences and friendship with Alfie Anido.

Sayang talaga dahil isa siya sa pinaka-sikat na young star during that time.

Anonymous said...

I found your post regarding Alfie quite by accident. We were the loves of each others lives and planned after high school to continue our lives together in the States. I lived in the PI where we met and after I left (which was heartbreaking) we kept in touch regularly, although dating others, our love was unending. I never saw him with sadness in his eyes - we were in bliss when together. My last time seeing him was on his way to Stockton CA to finish school - he stopped overnight on Guam so we could spend some time together. I heard of his death from a dear friend who knew him through me. He was funny, intelligent, loving, athletic and mischeivous. What we had was as pure a love as you could find. Even at my age now, the memory of him is never very far from my heart and the grief will never fully dissipate. I keep his letters, Ateneo jacket, photos, etc. in a box and it follows me to each new place I move. Thank you for your post on Alfie.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how come that he has movies shown until september 1982 if he died on December 30, 1981?

Mylexiajen said...

Are you the ex girlfriend of alfie before he enter sbowbiz? Is your name is Rita aldaco am I right? I saw your comment also in the Fb page of alfie anido. It is funny that you had a sma resemblance with Dina bonnevie who is also became the girlfriend of alfie. He's reel and real loveteam.