Thursday, December 11, 2008


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On the morning of August 2, 1968, this was how the Ruby Tower looked like. Rescue workers are looking for victims pinned by debris.

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ruby viray portento said...

good day to all! i just have turned my mind to check or surf the pictures about the ruby tower that named after me by my parents,thanks for making it possible for us specially me to add more knowledge about what really ruby tower looked name is ruby viray,born on August 2,1972.

Anonymous said...

Happy Valentines Earthlings! i just saw some pictures of the Famous Ruby Tower in Manila. I just got curious when my father always mentioning the name Ruby Tower if there's an earthquake news. Now i learned some of its story. My name is Arnold Cappal. I've been on Earth since Jan.19, 1976. Thanks Guys! Ka-chow!!

wayne moises said...

I remember the earthquake of 8-2-1968 47 years ago destroyed the condominium Ruby Tower toppled & destroyed several people dead injured & survived then Pres. Ferdinand Marcos declared state of emergency rescue teams firefighters police & military retrieve the survivors & remains rescued & others dead & missing pray for the survivors of the building 47 years ago dedicated men & women of the survivors of Ruby Tower became a reminder of the past the legacy lives on forever. Thanks for the information. From:Wayne Facebook Twitter Instagram.

wayne moises said...

Pray for the survivors of Ruby Tower 47th anniversary of the disaster long before the 1990 earthquake in the Philippines in world history. Thanks! From:Wayne