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Best Picture - Aguila (Bancom Audiovision)
Best Actress - Amy Austria (Brutal)
Best Actor - Dindo Fernando (Langis At Tubig)
Best Supporting Actress - Perla Bautista (Nang Bumuka Ang Sampaguita)
Best Supporting Actor - George Estregan (Lumakad Kang Hubad Sa Mundong Ibabaw)
Best Director - Eddie Romero (Aguila)
Best Child Actress - Andrea Bautista (Dang-Dong)
Best Child Actor - Bentot, Jr.(Ang Panday)
Best Story - Joe Lad Santos (Kaladkarin)
Best Screenplay - Eddie Romero (Aguila)
Best Cinematography - Mike de Leon (Aguila)
Best Editing - Ike Jarlego, Jr. (Kakabakaba Ka Ba?) (LVN Pictures)
Best Theme Song - George Canseco (Langis At Tubig)
Best Musical Score - George Canseco (Miss X)
Best Sound - Ramon Reyes (Kakabakaba Ka Ba?)
Best Production Design - ?

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1980 FAMAS Best Picture Award to Bancom Audiovision
1980 FAMAS Best Director Award to Eddie Romero

(Courtesy of Sari-Saring Sineng Pinoy)

1980 FAMAS Best Actor and Best Actress Dindo Fernando and Amy Austria.

Amy Austria accepting her FAMAS Best Actress trophy. Ramon Revilla and movie queen Susan Roces at the background.

1980 FAMAS Best Actress Award to Amy Austria for "Brutal".

1980 FAMAS Best Actor Award to Dindo Fernando for "Langis At Tubig".

1980 FAMAS Best Supporting Actress Award to Perla Bautista for "Nang Bumuka Ang Sampaguita"

1980 FAMAS Best Supporting Actor Award to George Estregan for "Lumakad Kang Hubad Sa Mundong Ibabaw". Ernie Garcia and Maricel Soriano at the background.

1980 FAMAS Best Child Actor Award to Bentot, Jr. for "Ang Panday"

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Bentot, Jr., Best Child Actor receives a buzz from Susan Roces and Fernando Poe, Jr.

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