Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Joel Alano (Joseph Emmanuel Alano in real life) was one of the most promising young actors of the 80s. He died of heart attack at the age of 21 years old. Today, October 28 is the 22nd death anniversary of the late actor.

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People's Journal Tonight, October 28, 1987

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Zoom Magazine, January 24, 1983

Selected Films:

Pabling (1981)

Mother Dear (1982)

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town (1983)

Summer Holiday (1983)

Pati Ba Pintig Ng Puso? (1985)

Baun Gang (1985)

Kailan Sasabihing Mahal Kita? (1985)

Blusang Itim (1986)

Ayokong Tumuntong Sa Lupa (1987)

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grecy said...

He was included in the movie New Jeans diba? so how old was he during that time?

grecy said...

I am sorry, Blue Jeans pala what I trying to say. Blue Jeans with Dina Bonnevie and Alfie Anido. I really love that movie.

James DR said...

Blue Jeans, that was 1981. He was 16 years old at that time.

Anonymous said...

does he have a child?

Anonymous said...

just watching an old film this morning over cinema 1..a movie of snooky and maricel..joel alano was there as lover of snooky..i find him more handsome than albert martinez and i got curious where was he patay na pala sya..

alfiekatok said...

:/ name was based on artist. Alfie anido.

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

Ngayun ko lang nalaman na patay na si joel alano, akala ko buhay pa sia
Nakakalungkot naman ang aga nia namatay sa murang edad