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AMALIA REALIZES A CHERISHED DREAM (The Weekly Nation, May 15, 1967)

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As published in The Weekly Nation Magazine
May 15, 1967

In receiving two God-sent precious gifts -- her baby and a FAMAS award, she is very picture of compleat woman.

A LOVELY LADY in a low-neckline white gown glided toward the stage amidst thunderous applause and the flashes of photographers' bulbs.  Admiring glances followed her every moment as her face radiated with joy and excitement.

     That was beauteous Amalia Fuentes on the FAMAS awards night at the Nile as she received the 1966 best actress award.  As she walked seemingly serene up the stage, she tried to compose herself for her knees were shaking from nervousness.

     However, her pent-up emotions gave way and tears of joy welled down her cheeks as she delivered in a quivering voice a line of thanks to her fans and the people behind her success, most particularly Gerry de Leon who directed her in Ibulong Mo Sa Hangin which won her the award.

     Clasping the FAMAS statuette to her breast, she tearfully went down the stage only to be besieged by her faithful fans who kissed her on the cheek and festooned her with sampaguita leis.

     As she returned to her seat, Amalia was greeted by more people, including Susan Roces and Fernando Poe, Jr. who were seated at a nearby table.

     During the affair, Romeo Vasquez was absent.  Amalia came with her younger brother Alvaro or Cheng as he is called.

     To celebrate her success, Amalia gave a blow-out at the Champagne Room of the Manila Hotel, which ended at around 2 a.m.

A Memorable Event

      Altogether, the FAMAS awards night was a most memorable event in Amalia's life which she will cherish forever.  It was at the same time the biggest surprise in her life for she never thought she would win.  She thought Charito Solis would bag it again.  She didn't think she did so well in Ibulong Mo Sa Hangin as in Tatlong Kasaysayan Ng Pag-ibig where she gave her all in her portrayal of three different roles.  So that when she heard that her film considered by the FAMAS was Ibulong Mo Sa Hangin, Amalia almost lost hope.  Lady Luck however proved her wrong.

     Amalia confessed that every year she had secretly wished to win the FAMAS award.  In 1965 she was nominated as best actress for Kulay Dugo Ang Gabi but she lost out to Marlene Dauden.

     This is Amalia's 12th year in the movies.  She started her movie career with Sampaguita Pictures when she was chosen Miss Number One as leading lady to Mr. Number One, Juancho Gutierrez.  Her eight years with Sampaguita gave her fame and financial security.  Later on, searching for wider horizons, she turned to freelancing.  Amalia's first freelance picture was Tagalog Ilang-Ilang Productions' Ako'y Iyung-Iyo.  In freelancing Amalia gained more success.  Better roles and better offers came along.  Even her versatility was put to a test during this period.

     In 1965, having acquired enough capital, she formed her own movie production company, AM Productions.  Her initial picture, Dream Girl was a modest success.  This was followed by Digmaan Ng Pag-ibig, Ibulong Mo Sa Hangin, Room 69, Michaela, Maginoong Pusakal, Mark of Cardo and Honey Honeymoon.

     At this writing, Amalia is busy appearing in her own production, Anna-Lissa, a musical drama in which she is costarred with Bernard Bonnin.  Named after her first child, this is Amalia's first picture since she gave birth last March 27.

     Now that Amalia is back in circulation, she will continue to freelance and produce films.  After Anna-Lissa she will make a picture for Cirio Santiago.

      Amalia will leave for the United States as soon as she is through with Anna-Lissa.  She will visit her brother Alex whom she is seeing through college there and negotiate for the release of her films, most specially Ibulong Mo Sa Hangin.  According to Amalia, horror films have a wide market abroad.

     When asked if motherhood does not interfere with her movie life, Amalia said, "I don't see any reason why it would as long as one knows how to adjust one's time.  I have hired a competent nurse to take care of my child whenever I'm busy at work.  But of course I try my best to be with her whenever possible.  There's no substitute for a mother's love.

     "In raising my child, I want to give her the best things which I missed due to poverty in the earlier stage of my life.  This doesn't mean I will spoil her.  I will not spare the rod when necessary.  I want Anna-Lissa to grow up a normal child and attain a college degree, but if the movies interest her I have no objections whatsoever.

     "Winning the FAMAS award, besides giving me a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment, has given me more responsibilities both as an actress and as a producer in the sense that I should prove myself worthy of it," concluded Amalia who never looked more lovelier, what with her happiness and contentment this year in receiving two God-sent previous gifts -- her baby and the FAMAS award.

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