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By Ross F. Celino, Jr.

Source: The New Jingle Extra Hot Movie Entertainment Magazine
No. 8, March 30, 1981

NO FAMILY IN PHILIPPINE Cinema today can perhaps match, if equal, the brilliant record of the fabulous Poes who, through the years, can lay claim to being the mostest in point of achievement, performance and/or contribution to an industry that can safely be said as the goose that lays the golden egg. Come to think of it…

From the Poes come a successful producer-director-actor who is not only a consistent top money maker but it also a legend, nay, an institution as well. Then, too, his wife, a glittering name like himself, is not only a pride of Philippine Cinema but is also a valuable contribution to the industry as well. She has added glamour, glitter and professionalism to an industry that sadly lacked these.

Ditto with the brothers Poe who are names to reckon with in the industry. Names who can be depended upon in any and all kinds of circumstances but first and foremost is the root of all: The late Fernando Poe, Sr. who, in his days, was considered one of the brightest names that ever graced the silver screen, one who commanded respect and esteem very few enjoy. But then perhaps the Poes are different. They are the trees in a groove. The grains from the chaff and all that jazz…


If Ronnie, who sports his monicker as his Junior, is successful as he is now, it is because of his late father. Dahil sa kanya kung kaya inaalagaan ni Ronnie ang kanyang pangalan. Ito raw ay dahil sa ang kanyang erpat ay hindi basta artista. O kaya hindi basta tao.

“He was a very loving father,” Ronnie loves to reminisce. “Oo nga’t may pagka-istrikto, he was a disciplinarian, you know, but behind the façade is a devoted, loving heart. He saw to it that we got the best of everything, the best of education and most important of all, his attention and affection,” Ronnie adds.

It is very apparent that Ronnie idolized his father. Should he be around today, perhaps he would have been very proud of his eldest son. In fact, if Ronnie is careful of his image and name, it is because of his father. He wants to maintain the tradition, the impression etched out by the late Fernando Poe, Sr. to his fans and public.

In his days, the late matinee idol was a respected name. His advice sought, his help solicited. Remember that he was no ho-hum himself. A dentistry graduate from the University of the Philippines, he was an active member of the underground movement during the occupation which he used to great advantage. As a result, he was a recognized guerilla with the rank of a Major.

As an actor-producer, the late Mr. Poe came out with such memorable films as the first “Darna” (starred in by Rosa del Rosario), “Ang Magpapawid”, “Anak”, “Inay!” and several FPS-Carmen Rosales-starrers, one of which was the highly successful “Si, Si Senorito.” As the sole proprietor of Royal Productions, he made many big hits, some of which are still unsurpassed at the moment.

But if Ronnie remembers his father fondly, it is his role as a family man. “Parang sundalo ang tratamento niya sa amin. Madisiplina pero may puso naman. He wanted us to be always alert, ready at all times,” he remembers.

According to Elizabeth, the eldest child, Papa is the best father one can hope to find. From his shooting daw, he’d see to it that when he came home mayroon itong pasalubong sa kanila. Either chocolate bars or plain biscuits.

“Basta lagging mayroong dala para sa amin,” ipinagtapat ni Beth. “That is why we’d always wait for him with interest and anticipation. But when he died, nagbago ang buhay namin. We certainly missed him, lalo na si Mommy (Mrs. Bessie Kelly-Poe, the wife) who was taken unaware, unprepared,” dagdag pa ni Beth.

If Mr. Poe, Sr. were alive today (he died of dog rabies in 1950), he’d be a very proud father of his brood. Perhaps this is his great contribution to Philippine cinema having sired no less than the undisputed King of Philippine Movies who has held on to the title for more than a decade and continued to do so in many, many years, nay, decades to come. Aside from the other ones, also successful in their own rights, who are making their presence be felt in the different endeavors they are in.

But above all, the Poe image and name will stay there on top – shining ever brilliantly – for many a newcomer to emulate, to admire.


BATAMBATA PA SI RONNIE, (ngayo’y Fernando Poe, Jr. whose real name is actually Ronald Allan Poe) nang mamatay ang kanyang ama. Magla-labindalawang taon pa lamang siya at musmos na musmos pa. Kasi nga, he lived a sheltered life, whose needs and all wants were attended to. May sariling yaya si Ronnie na hanggang ngayon ay nasa kanya pa, si Aling Ansay, may sariling driver nang siya’y nag-aaral pa. Una, La Concolacion College, then sa San Beda College onto the UE, at lahat nang maibigan ay nakukuha.

That is why when his father died, he was caught unaware. Bukod pa sa talagang batambata pa siya noon. What can one expect from a 12-year old then?

Kaya nga ba’t napilitan si Ronnie na gumanap na papel ng kanyang erpat. At 14, he became an actor by circumstances in a movie – “Anak ni Palaris” – produced by his mother. Unfortunately, the flick didn’t do much for his career then until he became one of “The Lo’Waist Gang” of Larry Santiago Productions many years hence.

As Ronnie now recalls, dumaan din ang pamilya niya sa paghihirap. “We had to transfer from the big house on Roosevelt Avenue in San Francisco del Monte to one apartment after another. Kasi, Mompy (the mother) was not aware of how much Papa left us, what property was ours and things like that.”

Kasi in those days, movie stars kept their families out of public view and knowledge. For the late Fernando Poe, Sr. himself, his family was something private. At hindi niya ito isinasangkot sa movie career niya. At marahil, hindi niya aakalain na sa gulang na mid-30’s ay papanaw siya, kaya’t hindi niya nasabi sa kanyang pamilya kung ano ang kanila. Kung ano ang ari-arian nila. Which indeed placed the remaining Poes in some quandary, if not in some tight spots.

Dahil dito, napilitan si Ronnie’ng maging artista. Aside from the fact that the name Fernando Poe should be kept alive and burning onscreen! Tulad nung dati. At hindi naman nagkamali si Mompy. Ngayon isa nang institution ang kanilang Junior. Ang kanilang panganay na lalaki.

Because of his position, Ronnie assumed the role of his father. Hindi lamang noon kundi hanggang ngayon, given the chance and the time to do it. And he proved to be a success of it. Perhaps no son has ever done as much as Ronnie did for his family. Nariyang napatapos niya ang kanyang mga kapatid sa kanilang pag-aaral. Frederick, for one, was sent to the States for his studies. Also the youngest girl in the family, Evangeline, who finished a bachelor’s course at UP. Even Beth’s children by actor Bob Soler are the recipient of Ronnie’s help and generosity. Indeed, walang tatalo kay Ronnie sa papel na ginampanan niya sa kanilang pamilya. Pambihira, ika nga…

And yet, Ronnie is not the type who talks about his help to his family, or to others that matter. Palibhasa’y hindi masyadong nagsasalita at hindi ito tipong demonstrative.

A closely knit family, the Poes are the typical examples of one for all, all for one. Tulang nang ginawa nilang pelikula noong nakaraang taon na may ganito ring pamagat. Katunayan, naghihinanakit si Ronnie kapag may problema ang kanyang mga kapatid na hindi nila siya isinasangkot. Ibig niyang siya muna ang makakaalam bago ang iba. For what is a family nga if he is not involved or informed?

This is one aspect very few people know about Ronnie. Even now that his brothers and sisters are on their own, Ronnie still assumes his self-appointed role as head of the family. He sees to it that his Mompy gets her monthly allowance. At pati na ang kanyang Mama Marta (actually his maternal grandmother) ay mayroon din, which goes to prove that Ronnie is a rare person. A gem of a person, a rara avis.

If Ronnie works hard these days it is because he feels he has so many things to accomplish. Aside from his own kith and kin, there are his people – employees and staff – who depend on him for their livelihood. The many little people who work for his company. And he is not one who would deny his help to others. Even if he has to go on debt if only to make a poor soul happy and can perhaps sleep soundly for the night

At that, Ronnie, is only running true to form. Ganyan daw kasi ang kanyang erpat. Ganito rin daw kasi ang ugali ni Mr. Poe, Sr. Na bukod sa kanyang pamilya ay naroon pa rin ang mga taong umaasa sa kanyang tulong at paglingap na hindi niya puwedeng pabayaan. Tulad ni Ronnie ang kanyang Junior!


BEING MARRIED TO THE Poes for the past 12 years or so, Susan once intimated, has taught her to be patient, more understanding and broadminded. Ito raw kasi ang mga traits ng mga Poe, qualities that she found very becoming and useful. Kaya’t noon pa ay inari na niyang tunay na pag-uugali rin. Na para bagang second nature na rin sa kanya.

But Susan is herself Miss Professionalism, even before her marriage to Ronnie. Hindi ba’t ito rin ang title niya sa Sampaguita-VP Pictures which she won, hands down, and which won for her two trips (one after another) to represent the Philippines in the Pacific Film Festival sponsored by the Pan-Am Airways! Marahil ang ibig sabihin ni Susan na her marriage to Ronnie has added dimension to her person. Na lalo siyang nagiging maingat ngayon kaysa dati. Kasi nga, the Poes are quite meticulous in everything they do.

Kunsabagay when Susan agreed to marry Ronnie in 1968, she was already of age, quite mature and was ready to face a responsible married life. For example, alam niya na sa oras na maging Mrs. Poe na siya, she’d cease to be Susan Roces, the Queen of Philippine Movies for many years. She ceases to be an individual all her own. She’d be known as the wife of Ronnie, as Mrs. Poe, Jr.

Ito ang kabutihan sa Poe-Sonora marriage. Alam ni Susan ang kanyang papel. She knew then that to be married to a popular actor would put her in secondary position but she as aware that as a wife, she had to sublimate her feelings for her husband.

“That’s why,” Susan explains, “I considered myself semi-retired from the movies when I married Ronnie. You see,” she point out, “Ronnie is a good provider. Bakit pa ako makikipag-compete sa kanya sa paghahanapbuhay? Isa pa, I would like to give him the privilege to support his family and so far he is doing it tremendously well, I couldn’t ask for more really.”

Noon pa man, alam na ni Susan na the woman’s place is in the home. Kaya, she thought twice. Being a hardworker, Ronnie needs the attention, the care and affection of his wife. He expects her to be at home when he comes home from his shootings. Pero kung may shooting din si Susan at dumating ang Ronnie mula sa kanyang trabaho, wala siyang madadatnan. Siyempre magkakaroon ng hassles. Ng mga problema.

This could be one reason why Ronnie’s and Susan’s marriage is considered one of the happiest and most successful movieland marriages locally. Alam ng isa’t isa ang kanyang obligasyon. Alam nila ang kanilang papel na ginagampanan at siyempre nagkakaroon sila ng unawaan at ng magandang rapport at pagsasama.

Both Leos, Ronnie and Susan match each other. Parehong may katigasan ang ulo o pag-uugali but Susan being the wife knows where she’d stand. Ito ang nakakabuti sa kanilang pagsasama. May unawaan. May respeto sa isa’t isa. May pagmamahalan at higit sa lahat ang desire to please each other every minute of the day. Something that makes for successful marriages and union.

To make herself busy while Ronnie is shooting in far flung provinces, Susan literally minds the store. Ang ibig sabihin ay siya ang tumatao sa kanilang downtown office sa Escolta. As the vice-president-treasurer ng FPJ Productions, on her shoulders rest the task of conferring with business associates, following up instructions of Ronnie, seeing to it that the timetable of the company is followed or at least adhered to. And sometimes if her presence and help is needed, she helps negotiate for the booking of FPJ pictures and projects.

“Maraming gawain akong inaasikaso upang makalimutan ko ang pag-aartista,” minsan ay naipagtapat sa amin ni Susan. “But if there is a suitable role for me, a nice story and with the approval of Ronnie, I still would like to appear in movies. Hindi ko rin maalis ang mag-artista paminsan-minsan. Kahit na once a year or even every two years. At least hindi pa rin ako makakalimutan ng publiko,” she jokingly mentioned.

Aside from her tasks as FPJ Vice President and Treasurer, Susan also takes time out for her restaurant on Shaw Boulevard, the Early American Times (EAT Resto) which she helps manage whenever her time allows it. She also goes to Pililia (Rizal) every now and then to visit their farm where they raise hogs and bananas and orchard.

Masyadong masipag ang misis ni Ronnie! Even at home, she finds time to putter around the garden, planting roses, transferring plants, experimenting on bonsai and other flower or plant arrangements. Ito raw ang paraan niya upong makalimot sa pagdaan ng panahon. No time daw siya for self-pity.

A confirmed Somist (Science of the Mind, silly!), Susan is a positive thinker. Walang masama sa kanya. Everything is always good for the spirit, for the heart. What you give out, you will receive, aniya. Kaya if you want people to love you, show them love. If you want people to like you, show them this.

Talking with Susan makes one act, think, perhaps move like her. Marami kang malalaman sa kanya. Matutunan. Kasi raw, dahil she is married to a Poe!


AY, AKO YATA ANG TUNAY na Fernando Poe, Jr. Si Ronnie ay humiram lamang sa akin ng pangalan ko,” pabirong winika ni Andy Poe sa sumulat nito nang bago pa lamang kami sa FPJ Productions. “His real name, you know, is Ronald Allan and I am Fernando Poe, Jr., kaya Andy for short,” paulit-ulit pa niyang sinabi.

So, anong gustong palabasin ni Andy sa tinuran niyang ito? Ibig niyang sumingil ng royalty? Ano talaga ang gusto ni Andy?

“I am just trying to set the record straight. Actually, FPJ is Ronnie’s screen name at iyan naman talaga ang tunay kong pangalan,” ang seryoso niyang inilahad. “Ako ang Junior ng Erpat at siyempre bahagi ako ng kanyang tagumpay. Poe rin yata ako!”, dugtong pa niya.

Andy is the third in the family of three boys and three girls. Elizabeth is the eldest, Ronnie is the second and Andy is the third. Followed by Frederick, then by Jennifer and the youngest is Evangeline who is happily married to Bimbo Quezada now living in the States.

As his father’s Junior, what is Andy doing to maintain the illustrious name and tradition of the Poes? Ano naman ang ginagawa niya upang mapanatili niyang maningning ang pangalan ng kanilang erpat? Masasabi bang karapat-dapat siyang tunay na Junior?

Ang mga Poe ay hindi masyadong masalita. Nor are they demonstrative either. Sa kanyang sariling pamamaraan, si Andy ay nabubuhay na ayon sa tahimik na taong mayroon nang obligasyon sa buhay.

Ang totoo, Andy is now married to Yvette Christine (remember Ronnie’s leading lady in “Lihim Ng Guadalupe”?) early last year and is now the proud father of a healthy baby boy! That year, Andy also lost his own Junior, Fernando Poe, III in a conflagration that claimed many lives including Mina Aragon’s daughter by Vic del Rosario and mother and other relatives. It was a terrible blow for Andy then. Halos hindi niya matanggap ang mga pangyayari. But God, in His Infinite Goodness and Mercy, has a way of healing wounds, tragic and sad these maybe. Hindi nagtagal, heto na nga, ang anak nila ni Yvette na isa ring lalaki who will carry on the illustrious name of the Poes. Being a father anew, Andy’s life was colored, given new meaning, new dimension.

With an important position at the FPJ Administrative Office as the Sales and Marketing Manager, in charge of the booking and similar duties, Andy considers his position with dignity and self-pride. That he is supporting his wife and newly-born son from his own efforts, something he wasn’t so keen about before.

“Ibang-iba na ngayon si Andy,” ito ang pagkakilala ng isa sa matalik niyang kaibigan, si Jimmy Santos. “Straight na siya ngayon. No more engaging in innocent shenanigans, no more lackadaisical attitude. Seryoso na siya ngayon,” dagdag pa ni Jimmy.

“Dapat naman,” sabad mismo ni Andy. “May pamilya na tayo ngayon. Besides it’s about time I become responsible and serious naman. Tutal I have had my share of fun and enjoyment noon kaya I think I should simmer down a bit,” aniya pa.

When not busy with his work as one of the keymen of FPJ Productions, Andy finds time guesting in some TV programs and doing movies in between. Otherwise he could be seen playing basketball in the studio grounds in Del Monte Avenue to keep him trim and ready to face the cameras.

“I am serious now with my movie career,” Andy rambles on. “Noon okey lang kung mayroon akong assignment o wala. Kasi nga, may pamilya na tayo ngayon kaya siguro it’s about time I have to buckle down to some gainful pursuits. Iba na ang masikap,” dagdag pa niya.

Isa pa, Andy is his late father’s Junior kaya lalo siyang nag-iingat ngayon. “I have a name to uphold, a tradition to maintain. Papa was not a mere name in Philippine movies. He was respected and loved and we have an obligation to keep it that way. As much as possible, we have to perpetuate his memory as he was treated in his lifetime. An actor of the first water,” Andy mentioned quite seriously.


WHEN MARY GRACE, take note, hindi Divine Grace, kundi Mary Grace, entered the lives of Ronnie and Susan, everything changed about them. She had given them hope, light, love and perhaps even color that their family is now just about complete, if perfect!

Mabait na bata si Grace. Masunurin. At napaka-komplimento. Unti-unti nang nababakas ang ugali ng mag-asawa sa kanya. Kuha ni Grace ang hinhin at sweet image ni Susan. And from Ronnie, his generosity and love for the less fortunate. Kaya nga ba’t slowly she is proving and showing that she is a Poe through and through.

Grace is only 12 years old and is growing up fast. A year from now, she’ll be a teenager and where will this leave Papa and Mama? Mag-aartista kaya si Grace? May hilig kaya itong mag-artista?

“Hindi namin siya sasawayin,” Susan reveals, “but we will only advice her. We’ll tell her of the pitfalls, the problems of a movie career. But if and when she still decides to be an actress, why, we’ll give her our blessings,” Susan hastened to add.

Who between Ronnie and Susan is the predilect of Grace? Is it Papa? Or Mama?

It would appear na mas maka-Ronnie si Grace. Oo nga’t she is a friend and confidante of Mama pero natural yata na mas maka-Papa siya kaysa kanyang Mama. It’s like the principles of like poles repel. Unlike poles attract. The laws of cause and effect baga…

At home, Grace has her own share of domestic chores although they have several maids. This early she is trained to tidy up her room, help in the kitchen plan the menu and budget. This way, according to Susan, Grace would be given the chance to experiment and prepare her for her own home, if and when.

Iba na raw yong may karanasan, actual ha! Parang workshop-seminar baga. And does the kid love every minute of it! Which goes to prove that Susan’s training and guidance are slowly showing up! And wouldn’t this be a pride on Susan to have a daughter as responsible and as level-headed as Grace!

Oo nga, kaya naman mahal na mahal ni Papa si Grace. Bukod sa talagang very loving din siya ay hindi nagbibigay ng sakit ng ulo o problema sa kanyang mga magulang. Unlike other kids of her age. A far cry from being spoiled, Grace knows her duties and responsibilities as a Poe. She even helps entertain Papa’s or Mama’s fans who come around every now and then. Without being told, she already knows how to relate with them. Far from being a snob, really.

Does she have any hang-up as a daughter of popular parents? Would it not affect her growing up years?

“Hindi naman siguro,” paliwanag ni Susan. “Kasi bata pa si Grace ay kinakausap ko na iyan na para bang may edad na. I didn’t baby-talk her. I considered her an individual already even when she was still a young girl. So that now, para kaming magkaibigan. We share small talks. She tells me about her crushes, yes, do you know that she has a crush on Gabby Concepcion?

“Minsan nga e kinausap niya ang kanyang papa na sana naman daw ay gumawa ng pelikula si Gabby sa FPJ. And Ronnie, always the doting father, ay nangako at possibly if plans push through, baka makasama si Gabby sa “Ang Maestro”, one of FPJ’s many projects this year!

Matuk mo, Manay! Dahil kay Grace ay pumapayag ang Ronnie na makasama si Gabby sa kanyang pelikula! But then, very few know that Gabby’s father is a close friend of Ronnie from way, way back. Magka-barkada pala sila noon pa. Kaya madali na. Or haven’t you heard na for his daughter, Ronnie even allowed himself to seek for the autograph of Gabby? Opo, siya mismo ang humingi ng autograph ni Gabby for Grace at siyempre kilig na kilig to the bones naman itong si Grace.

Imagine, si FPJ mismo ang humihingi ng autograph sa kanya! Honored ang binata siyempre…

Again, this is one aspect of Ronnie’s personality. For his family, he can do most anything. Like going out of his way to ask the autographs of other actors, for his daughter! Matuk mo, to-its, Manay!


NOON, PA-EASY-EASY LANG si Frederick, “Kano” kung tawagin nina Ronnie, Andy at ibang kapatid. Very lackadaisical and free-wheeling as anyone can get. Walang pakialam sa mundo, ika nga. Kung dumating ang bukas, okey, another day has come, he’d maintain. Wala iyong kaseryosohan sa buhay. Happy go lucky, mabarkada but inside him is a nice guy who loves to be happy all the time. Di tulad ng may problemang nagmumukmok sa isang tabi. Not Freddie Boy. Not him anyway…

Ngayon iba na si Kano. Mula ang magkaroon siya ng responsibilidad as Manager of the FPJ Studios, in charge of the studio plant, shooting units, the facilities of the company offers its many clients and customers, nagkaroon ng panibagong disiplina ang mga tauhan ng FPJ. Kasi iba itong si Kano. Friendly but you’ve got to be on your toes all the time insofar as your job is concerned. Otherwise wala kang karapatang magtrabaho roon. Hindi ka niya kilala; kahit you are the best of friends or nakakainuman niya. In work, no one is his friend or acquaintance.

To Freddie, you do your work. I do mine. And we get along fine. Ganon. This is his credo sa pamamalakad sa FPJ Studios. Kaya nga malaki na ngayon ang pagbabago sa Del Monte. Nagkaroon ng business atmosphere, ng ambience ng isang seryosong negosyo, salamat sa palakad at pamamaraan ni Freddie.

Minsan, naakit si Freddie Boy na mag-artista. Sa pelikulang “Isa Para Sa Lahat, Lahat Para Sa Isa” where all the Poe Brothers starred in. From Ronnie to Andy, to Conrad to Freddie. He had his taste to the greasepaint and he came out of it a natural actor. True to his lineage and background! Poe rin yata si Kano!

Meron sanang balak si Ronnie para kay Freddie. To make him an actor in the comedy department, tutal mahilig din ito sa pagpapatawa. According to Ronnie, Freddie might as well make use of this but no way with Kano. Huwag na lang daw. Tutal, nariyan na raw sina Andy. Sina Conrad at si Ronnie mismo! So bakit pa?

Anyway, Ronnie has still a standing offer for Freddie Boy. If and when he so decides. In fact, may definite project na si Ronnie sa kanya. Pero huwag muna raw…huwag muna ngayon.

As a person, Freddie is quite serious with his work. He wants to succeed in his line. Kaya nga ba’t iba ngayon ang FPJ Studios. Ang mga Staffers ay nagkaroon na nang regular office hours, mayroon na silang office uniform habang nag-oopisina at iba pang pagkakakitaang business is business with Freddie.

Which is just as well. Kasi nga, Ronnie is different with Kano. Sobra kasi ang bait ni Ronnie sa mga tauhan. Walang reglamento, walang gaanong disiplina. Basta bahala ka kung gagawin mo ang trabaho mo. What is important is you can deliver the goods on time. Walang pattern, walang system. Basta you are left to your own devices. Ganun. Ibig sabihin free-wheeling baga, na for as long as you give him the results of what he asks you to do, bahala ka nang gumawa. Basta you do it your own way.

To Ronnie, the result counts most. And the means of how you did it. Something Freddie is quite meticulous about. Kasi nga, medyo may pagka-bureaucrat itong si Kano. Palibhasa’y US-trained ito at doon natuto ng mga palakad at pamamaraaan.

Between Ronnie and Freddie, the latter makes a good executive who gets what he wants in the quickest, shortest way. Iba ang work habits at style. Iba rin ang palakad. More concerned on office decorum and department. While Ronnie is more on the production side, out in the field where one cannot afford to be straight-laced, formal or stiff. Pare-pare kasi, or better yet, anything goes…

Behind the mask, Freddie is a warm, genuine friend. Like his brothers, hindi rin masyadong kumikibo. Smile lang nang smile. Tapik nang tapik sa balikat but he’s no politician. Basta his way to say he’s there and he means business. If you want to work, okey shoot.

Again, this is one trait of the old man Poe. He was a man of a few words. But a real go-getter. One who worked more and who said less. Now this trait is apparent in his sons.


ALTHOUGH KUNG IISIPIN, mahihirapan sana si Conrad sa pagkakaroon ng sariling image at pangalan. Ito ang laging nangyayari sa mga may kamag-anak na sikat at bukambibig ng balana. He suffers from comparison and the result is almost always tragic. But not with Dinky, as Conrad is otherwise known by his close friends and associates. He is now on his own as the other Poe, successful in his own right.

Dinky proved this in his first solo pic where he played the title role in “Boy Negro” shown late last year which made a terrific killing at the tills. Proof that he is not a flash in the pan, in a manner of speaking, is when Dinky was once more harnessed by Four-N-Films to co-star with Ace Vergel, Dencio Padilla, et al in “Rehas Na Tubig” and another one under production. Indeed, Dinky has gone a long way from just being another face in the movie crowd and is now one of the few in-demand actors.

Like his other brothers, Dinky is quite a proud guy. Although he carries the illustrious name of Poe (his mother is the pre-war and post liberation leading lady of the late Poe, Sr. and is now a character actress of note, Patricia Mijares) he nevertheless capitalized on this to achieve his goal. In fact, naging hadlang nga ito sa kanyang maagang pagtatagumpay. But with his grit, strong determination and desire to stand on his own two feet, he rose to become a respected individual on the level of his other brothers more popular, more ahead of him.

Accepted as one of them, Dinky refuses help from his brothers for as long as he can afford it. Nariyan na naman ang ugaling Poe. Hangga’t kaya nila ay hindi sila umaasa sa tulong ng iba. Kinakaya nila ang kanilang mga problema at ganoon din ang kanilang mga suliranin sa buhay.

Which perhaps serves them well. Lalo na kay Dinky. Kung baga sa itak, siya ay napanday nang husto, nabatbat sa ibang circumstances sa daigdig ng pelikula kung kaya’t anuman ang dumarating – bagyo, lindol, at baha – ay handa siya. Walang dapat ikatakot. Walang dapat ipangamba.

Sadyang si Dinky ay isang Poe sa lahat ng bagay, saan mo man siya tingnan. Sa kilos, sa pag-uugali at maging sa mga pangarap. Ang maging isang ganap na tagumpay sa kanyang napiling propesyon. Na hindi dahil sa kanyang nasirang ama o dahil sa katanyagan ng iba pa niyang kapatid.

All told, Dinky is a Poe through and through. Kaya, masuwerte ang daigdig ng pelikulang Tagalog na magkaroon ng ganitong ilustradong pamilya na bukod sa seryoso sa kanilang trabaho ay masigasig pa rin. May pagpapahalaga sa kanilang propesyon at higit sa lahat hindi tumitigil upang mabigyan ang daigdig ng kaukulang pansin na nararapat lamang sa kanya.

Anak sila yata ng isang dakila at seryosong ama, ang nasirang FERNANDO POE, SR. (SLN), isa sa mga naging haligi ng pelikulang Pilipino noong kapanahunan niya. Na hanggang sa sinusulat ito’y tinitingala pa rin at ginagawang huwaran ng mga sumusunod sa kanyang mga yapak.

Ano ang sine Pilipino kung wala ang mga Poe? What is Philippine movies without mentioning the illustrious family of the Poes? Siyempre, komo bahagi sila ng daigdig ng aninong gumagalaw, ay hindi maialis na they are invariably associated with each other. Ang mga Poe at ang pelikulang sariling atin. Particular na ang kanilang dakilang ama, ang kanyang mga anak na sina Ronnie, Susan, Gracia, Andy, Freddie at Dinky na sila ngayon ay nagpapatuloy sa dakilang layunin at adhikain ng kanilang ama.

Perhaps it would take decades to have another family as enviable, admirable and as respected as the Poe family of local movies. At kung magkakaroon man, hindi nila basta matataob ang magagandang record at achievement na tulad nang ginawa at gagawin pa rin ng pamilyang ito. Sapagkat sila’y nag-iisa, namumukod, katangi-tangi. Sila’y ang pamilyang Poe na ilustrado na’y huwaran pa!

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