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(Jakarta, Indonesia; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Singapore, Singapore & Bangkok, Thailand)
(April 19-June 7, 1981)

In 1981, the Zarzuela Foundation of the Philippines (under Ka Doroy Valencia) launched a project called “The Philippine ASEAN Cultural-Goodwill Tour", the biggest ever done by an ASEAN member-country, bringing Filipino culture to fellow ASEAN countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. The project aims to emphasize the strong cultural affinities of the ASEAN heritage; to present the Muslim dances of the Philippines, “Minda Mora”, the zarzuela about Christian-Muslim relations, Philippine paintings, slides, films and other things about the Philippines. The 234-strong Philippine ASEAN Cultural Outreach Troupe, composed of singers, musicians, set technicians, electricians, cooks, cameramen, photographers and the Zarzuela staff left the country aboard BRP Sierra Madre, a transport vessel of the Philipppine Navy on April 20, 1981.

I was very lucky to be a part of the “Minda Mora” zarzuela group under the chorale ensemble and experienced the joy of travelling and performing with Filipino artists like Tribung Pinoy members Gloria Dizon-Coronel, Vladimir Valera, Erlinda Azcuna, and Lulu Francisco; and Fides Cuyugan-Asencio, Robert Natividad, Elmo Makil and Nanette Moscardon . For more than two months, we gained friends and accolades from the countries we performed, the first stop was in Jakarta, Indonesia where we had 3 performances in Radio Republik Indonesia from April 30-May 2; the next stop in Singapore where we had 2 performances in Victoria Theater and Memorial Hall from May 13 and May 14; 2 performances in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in Petalin Jaya Civic Centre (May 19) and University of Malaya (May 20); 2 performances in Bangkok, Thailand, in National Theater (May 29) and Thammasat State University (May 30).

Along with the Minda Mora group were the Dayang Dayang Filipinas Dance Troupe, composed of our young Muslim brothers and sisters, who offered a selected repertoire of traditional dances from Southern Philippines; and the UP Consort of Voices, a vocal chamber music organization composed of thirteen singers belonging to various scholastic disciplines. - James de la Rosa

"Minda Mora" Synopsis
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The Creators of "Minda Mora"
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"Minda Mora" Cast Circa 1904
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"Minda Mora" Cast Circa 1981
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The Zarzuela Choral Ensemble with Main Cast
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The Main Cast
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The Dayang-Dayang Filipinas Dance Troupe & UP Consort of Voices
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Concert at the Park
(Rizal Park, Manila)
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Puerta Real (Intramuros, Manila)
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ASEAN Performances
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The Music of "Minda Mora"
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Over A Cup Of Coffee (by Ka Doroy Valencia)
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The ASEAN Tour Diary (Singapore)
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hi. is there any information about Maria Carpena, she played the role of Minda Mora in the original Zarzuela (1904). thanks

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this page is really an angel. thank you so much for putting the synopsis of Minda Mora. God Speed!