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Best Picture - Igorota (Nepomuceno Productions)
Best Actress - Charito Solis (Igorota)
(Nepomuceno Productions)
Best Actor - Eddie Garcia (De Colores) (Arco-Iris Productions)
Best Supporting Actress - Lourdes Medel (Salamisim) (Lea Productions)
Best Supporting Actor - Fred Galang (Igorota)
(Nepomuceno Productions)
Best Director - Luis Nepomuceno (Igorota) (Nepomuceno Productions)
Best Child Actor - Zernan Manahan (Barbaro Cristobal) (FPJ Productions)
Best Story - Louise de Mesa (Kasalanan Kaya?) (Virgo Film Productions)
Best Screenplay - Emmanuel H. Borlaza (Psycho Maniac) (Regina Productions)
Best Cinematography (Color) - Loreto Isleta (Igorota)
(Nepomuceno Productions)
Best Cinematography (Black & White) - Ricardo Remias (Kasalanan Kaya?) (Virgo Film Productions)
Best Editing - Elsa Abutan (Igorota) (Nepomuceno Productions)
Best Musical Score - Tito Arevalo (Igorota) (Nepomuceno Productions)
Best Sound - Juanito Clemente (Igorota) (Nepomuceno Productions)

1968 FAMAS Best Picture Award to Nepomuceno Productions ("Igorota")
1968 FAMAS Best Director Award to Luis Nepomuceno
1968 FAMAS Best Actress Award to Charito Solis
1968 FAMAS Best Supporting Actor to Fred Galang

Movie Stills from "Igorota" with Best Actress Charito Solis, Best Supporting Actor Fred Galang and the Igorota women.

1968 FAMAS Best Actor Eddie Garcia and Best Actress Charito Solis in an old woman get-up promoting her next film "Ang Pulubi'.

Manila Times, April 27, 1969
(Courtesy of Simon Santos, Video 48)

1968 FAMAS Best Actor Award to Eddie Garcia ("De Colores")

1968 FAMAS Best Supporting Actress Award to Lourdes Medel ("Salamisim")

Charito Solis and Eddie Garcia congratulate Lourdes Medel.

Lourdes Medel accepting the Best Supporting Actress trophy from President Ferdinand Marcos and last year's Best Supporting Actress winner Bella Flores.

1968 FAMAS Best Child Actor Award to Zernan Manahan ("Barbaro Cristobal")

President Ferdinand E. Marcos, Marlene Dauden, Fernando Poe, Jr. Susan Roces and GemmaCruz-Araneta.

President Marcos as Guest of Honor.

(Movie Ads courtesy of Simon Santos, Video 48)

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Unknown said...

Released in 1969 originally retitled Tree of Life/Igorota about a native woman lives in a tribal village & become a gorgeous lady inspired from the film starring Charito Solis & Eddie Garcia also starring Fred Galang in a epic film was filmed in Baguio City & released internationally worldwide.Thanks! From:Wayne

Unknown said...

Her real name was Rosario Solis(1935-98) a popular multi-awarded actress in several films television & media in Philippine history. Thanks!