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Best Picture - Lilet (Velarde & Associates)
Best Actress - Celia Rodriguez - Lilet
(Velarde & Associates)
Best Actor - Fernando Poe, Jr. (Asedillo) (FPJ Productions)
Best Supporting Actress - Marissa Delgado (Lumuha Pati Mga Anghel) (Lea Productions)
Best Supporting Actor - Max Alvarado (Ang Kampana Sa Santa Quiteria)
(FPJ Productions)
Best Director - Gerardo de Leon (Lilet) (Velarde & Associates)
Best Child Actress - Lorna Tolentino (Lumuha Pati Mga Anghel) (Lea Productions)
Best Child Actor - Arnold Gamboa (Lumuha Pati Mga Anghel) (Lea Productions)
Best Story - Arsenio "Boots" Bautista (Hukom Bitay)
Best Screenplay - Ishmael Bernal (Pagdating Sa Dulo)
Best Cinematography (Color) - Justo Paulino (Lilet)
(Velarde & Associates)
Best Cinematography (Black & White) - Loreto Isleta (Nympha)
Best Editing - Teofilo de Leon (Lilet)
(Velarde & Associates)
Best Theme Song - Victor Laurel (Imelda: Ang Uliran) (Premiere Productions)
Best Musical Score - Tito Arevalo (Lilet)
(Velarde & Associates)
Best Sound - Angel Avellana (Asedillo) (FPJ Productions)

Special Awardees:
Dr. Ciriaco Santiago Memorial Award - Atty. Espiridion Laxa
Gregorio Valdez Memorial Award - Joseph Estrada

1971 FAMAS Best Picture Award to Velarde & Associates Productions, Inc. ("Lilet")
1971 FAMAS Best Director Award to Gerardo de Leon
1971 FAMAS Best Actress Award to Celia Rodriguez

(Courtesy of Simon Santos, Video 48)

1971 FAMAS Best Actor Award to Fernando Poe, Jr. (("Asedillo")
1971 FAMAS Best Actress Award to Celia Rodriguez ("Lilet")

1971 FAMAS Best Supporting Actor Award to Max Alvarado ("Ang Kampana Sa Santa Quiteria")
1971 FAMAS Best Supporting Actress Award to Marissa Delgado ("Lumuha Pati Mga Anghel")

Movie still from "Ang Kampana Sa Santa Quiteria" with Max Alvarado and Rosanna Ortiz.
(Courtesy of Simon Santos, Video 48)

1971 FAMAS Best Child Actress Award to Lorna Tolentino ("Lumuha Pati Mga Anghel"), with co-nominees Penny Gutierrez and Gina Alajar.

1971 FAMAS Best Child Actor Award to Arnold Gamboa ("Lumuha Pati Mga Anghel").

GC Valdez Awardee Joseph Estrada.

1971 Nominees for FAMAS Best Actress Award:
Rita Gomez - "Pagdating Sa Dulo"
Boots Anson-Roa - "I Love Mama, I Love Papa"
Celia Rodriguez - "Lilet"
Rosemarie - "Cadena de Amor"
Rizza - "Nympha"
Amalia Fuentes (not in the picture) - "Divinia Bastarda"
Lolita Rodriguez (not in the picture) - "Stardoom"

(Movie Ads courtesy of Simon Santos, Video 48)

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Unknown said...

The event created in 1952 Philippines answer to the Oscar Awards a citation mostly Filipino films to receive the citations of movie talents from the Philippines for the past 63 years in Philippine movie industry. Thanks for the information. From:Wayne

Brandy-96 said...

I did not have a clue about our Past Philippine film history with had great actors and actresses years back - an Award equivalent to Oscars ,- Most Prestigious Award ever created . I can see all the nominees has to to be up on stage - while waiting for their name to be called as a winner its quite elegant and well done presentation.